How It Works


WOW! Grab a hammer, find a paintbrush, and put on your creative thinking cap! At Cokesbury’s Workshop of Wonders (WOW) VBS, kids will imagine and build with God!

At WOW VBS, discover how the ordinary becomes extraordinary with God.

Experience the love of Jesus. Start an adventure. Use your imagination and creativity to build your faith.

Meet people from the Bible who used what they had to produce something amazing with God. Use your heart, mind, and imagination to participate in the creative life of God, the one who works wonders.

The adventure toolbox at the Workshop of Wonders includes the following activity centers that will WOW your children:

  • interactive Bible storytelling
  • crafts
  • science
  • recreation
  • music
  • snack

Our overall theme verse is Psalm 77:14a, “You are the God who works wonders.”

Through WOW VBS, it is our hope that children will realize that they are capable of great things when they use their hearts, minds, and imaginations to follow the example of God, the one who works wonders!